What to eat in Jonker Street, Malacca?

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Malacca is famous for its cultural heritage. Nevertheless, Malacca is also every foodie’s heaven! From local Malacca dishes to sweet tasty desserts, you’ll be spoilt for choice. No worry! This article will guide you on where to eat at Jonker Street. Let check out some of the restaurant below to reenergize your tired body and mind during your visit to Jonker Street!

Food In Jonker Street #1 – Geographer’s Café

Jonker Street

Geographér Café has been ranked as one of the best nightlife spot in Jonker Street due to its decent meal and wonderful live band performance. It is located in a conspicuous corner pre-war shophouse in the heart of Jonker Street.

Geographér Café serves variety choices of foods and drinks. Some of specialties includes Tom Yam Coconut Soup, Chicken Satay, Geographer Curry Rice, Geographer’s Curry Ramen, etc. If you come here in the afternoon, order the coconut drink could relieve the heat! If you are beers lover, you might order cocktails and iced beers to relax yourself.

Geographér Café

Food In Jonker Street #2 – The Baboon House

The Baboon House

The Baboon House is a cosy and warm cafe with good food at affordable prices. If you need to escape from the crowd and have a nice cup of coffee , Baboon House will be a good choice due to its tranquil environment and decent food.

The restaurant is well-known for its homemade burger. Baboon Beef burger is one of the most ordered dishes. It comes with tender and juicy beef, served with vegetables and potato wedges, and the sauce that adds a little spiciness to the taste is just nice.

Food In Jonker Street #3 – Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball

Your Malacca Trip is imperfect without Chicken rice ball. One of the most famous local delicacies in Malacca is Chicken rice ball. There are several chicken rice stores along Jonker Street, Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball is one of the popular shop which are highly recommended by most of tourist due to its fragrant and moist taste. The rice is tightly pressed into balls and the poached chicken is tender yet well-cooked. You are adviced to come early as the chicken rice is selling fast.

Chicken Rice Ball

Food In Jonker Street #4 – Jonker88


Jonker88 has long been a favourite for both native Malaccans and tourists.

Jonker88 is famous for its Cendol and Nyonya Laksa. It is definitely one of the best cendol in Melaka that’s worth trying. Their signature includes Gula Malacca Cendol, Baba Cendol and Durian Cendol, filled with thick delicious gooey palm sugar (gula melaka). For the Nyonya laksa, more popular variants of laksa include Baba Laksa, Nyonya Laksa and the Baba Laksa Kahwin Nyonya Laksa.

The countless artefacts and pieces of memorabilia attached all over the walls in the shop has adding extra charm to the bustling space, making itself like a museum café.

Cendol Melaka

**Jonker88 is a self-service restaurant (order and carry food to your table yourself)

Food In Jonker Street #5 – Nancy’s Kitchen

Nancy’s Kitchen
Nancy'S Kitchen

Malacca has been known for tradisional culture of Baba-Nyonya. If you have not tried Baba-Nyonya cuisine before, Nancy’s Kitchen is one of the popular places to go for authentic Peranakan Food in Malacca. For those fan of Peranakan Food, you will not regret after pay a visit to the shop.

Food In Jonker Street #6 – Poh Piah Lwee

Melaka Popiah

Popiah is one of the Malaysian’s all-time favourites. Pay a visit to Poh Piah Lwee Restaurant, you might find Po Piah and other excellent Nyonya cuisine such as Nyonya Dumpling and Nyonya Laksa with irresistible aromas.

Malacca’s Po Piah is unique for its delicious fried pork lard oil,  it comes with right texture yet not overly oily. Besides, the jicama inside is well-marinated and boiled to the right moisture. Best of all, it is fresh, crunchy, mixes so well with other ingredients and the amount of sweetness is just right!

Popiah Melacca

Food In Jonker Street #7 – The Daily Fix Café and Restaurant

The Daily Fix Café And Restaurant

The Daily Fix Cafe is located in a homely heritage site inside a batik shop right in the middle of Jonker Street. It is one of the famous café in Jonker Street that you can snap some instagramable photo.

The café serving a menu featuring fusion mains and desserts, this is one cafe you cannot skip during your visit to Jonker Street. Here, you will get to enjoy yummy desserts such as brownies, ice-creams, sandwiches, pancakes, etc, while admiring this creative and nostalgic setup. Besides, if you are coffee lover, this is certainly the place at which to get your daily fix.

The Daily Fix Café

Food In Jonker Street #8 – Straits Affair

Straits Affair

Straits Affair is a good place to relax and enjoy the peranakan foods. The restaurant prides themselves in serving contemporary Nyonya delicacies while keeping old favourite at the same time. Despite Nyonya delicacies, the restaurant also offering all kinds of fresh Peranakan kuih including pastries, biscuits and cakes whereby all the food served are at high level of quality as well as the service and cleanliness internally. Some of the recommended dishes are Ondeh-Ondeh, Fried Ang Koo Kuih, Nyonya Laksa and Mee Siam, Peranakan pancake with banana and Gula Melaka, etc.

Straits Affair
Straits Affair

Food In Jonker Steet #9 – River View Cafe Malacca

River View Cafe

River View Cafe operates right beside the river, located away from the hustle and bustle of Jonker Street. The cafe is separated into indoor and outdoor. Dining in air-conditioned environment is great for Malaysia’s harsh weather while dining outside, you may enjoy the view of Malacca river from light to dark and the river breeze

Food In Jonker Street #10 – Hard Rock Cafe Malacca

Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe Malacca is located near the entrance of Jonker Street, it sits idyllically by the Malacca River. There are two dining sections- outdoor and indoor, a bar, and a live stage, with a patterned floor inspired by the Strait of Malacca.

Its menu consists of western dishes such as sandwiches, burgers, barbecued chicken, beef ribs, etc. Other than that, you can also enjoy Malaysian favourites such as seafood char kuey teow and asam pedas.

Malacca Night View




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