Travel From Singapore To Cameron Highlands In Ease With 4 Options

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Unsurprisingly, most Singaporeans travel to Johor Bahru on the weekends to satisfy their craving for food or shopping. Another popular attraction will be Genting Highlands or Kuala Lumpur(KL). But if you are looking for a quieter part of Malaysia, why not travel from Singapore to Cameron Highlands?

Known for its breathtaking landscapes, cool climate, and lush tea plantations, Cameron Highlands is a popular destination for nature lovers and those seeking a retreat from bustling city life. Heading north from Singapore, Cameron Highlands is approximately 580 kilometers away.

Traveling from Singapore to Cameron Highlands may seem like a long distance, but there are several efficient ways to reach this picturesque hill station. In this article, we will explore four options to travel from Singapore to Cameron Highlands, ensuring a seamless journey to your desired destination.


Travel From Singapore To Cameron Highlands Option 1 – Travel By Flight

Singapore To Cameron Highlands

Flying is a great choice if you are looking for a quick and convenient travel option. But it will also be the most expensive option. As there are no airports at Cameron Highlands, there won’t be any direct flights from Singapore to Cameron Highlands.

You can still reach your destination comfortably by flying to Ipoh, the closest major city to Cameron Highlands. It is about 80 kilometers away from Cameron Highlands by road. After you reach Ipoh, you can take a bus there, which can be cheap. Besides having to transfer onto a bus and quite an expensive option, another drawback is it may be more time-consuming than you might first think.

There are a number of stages involved if you plan to take a flight. You will have to travel to Changi Airport. The trip to the airport adds time and money to the overall journey. You need to consider the check-in time and the time you need to wait for the flight to leave. The flight to Ipoh takes about an hour and 10 minutes. After reaching Sultan Azlan Shah Airport, you need to transfer to a bus. The bus journey takes close to 3 hours to reach Cameron Highlands.


Travel From Singapore To Cameron Highlands Option 2 – Travel By Bus

Singapore To Cameron Highlands

If you are planning a trip from Singapore to Cameron Highlands and prefer an affordable and scenic journey, traveling by bus is an option you will want to consider. There are several reputable bus operators providing daily services. You can enjoy the view and make your way comfortably to Cameron Highlands.

Taking a bus is usually the most popular way to travel between Singapore and Cameron Highlands. Although it takes a long time, it is the most affordable and convenient way to travel to Cameron Highlands.

You can easily book bus tickets online on the bus operator’s website. You can compare bus schedules and the bus types available with different bus operators. Remember to go through passenger reviews before deciding.

Some buses take you all the way to Cameron Highlands. There are several departure points from Singapore, so do take note of the departure point and book one that is most convenient for you. You will be dropped off in Tanah Rata, the main town, when you arrive at Cameron Highlands.

There are several bus operators offering services from Singapore to Cameron Highlands, ensuring a range of choices for travelers. These bus operators include Sri Maju, StarMart Express, and Eltabin SGD. Be careful when you book your ticket because Sri Maju buses and the Eltabina bus only take you to Ipoh, and you will still have to take another bus from there. StarMart Express does have buses taking you all the way to Cameron Highlands.

StarMart Express buses are more popular, but will also be more expensive. But by taking you all the way to Cameron Highlands, you will be saving some time. It usually takes 9-10 hours if you are taking a bus.

Travel From Singapore To Cameron Highlands Option 3 – Self Driving

Singapore To Cameron Highlands

If you are looking for an adventurous and flexible way to travel from Singapore to Cameron Highlands, embarking on a self-driving trip is an excellent choice. Driving up to Cameron Highlands may be a little lengthy, but self-drive allows you to set your own schedule, explore hidden gems along the way, and immerse yourself in the beautiful landscapes of Malaysia.

There are two routes to travel up to Cameron Highlands. You can travel via the Simpang Pulai Road for the quickest and smoothest route. Take the North-South Express Highway until you reach the Simpang Pulai Toll. It should take about 7 hours to reach.

The other route will be shorter in distance but usually takes around 9 hours to reach. But you will have plenty of opportunity to admire the gorgeous greenery, such as the Lata Iskandar Waterfalls as you detour. Simply take the North-South Express Highway to Tapah Toll. Tapah Road will be narrower and older.

There are plenty of Rest and Services Areas (RSAs) for both routes along the North-South Express Highway for you to take a break as you drive up. If you need a longer driving break, consider staying overnight at KL, which is the midpoint.


Travel From Singapore To Cameron Highlands Option 4 – Book A Private Transport Service

Singapore To Cameron Highlands

Traveling a long distance can be taxing. If you don’t want to join the crowd on the flight or bus but don’t want to drive yourself up, hiring private transport to Cameron Highlands can be an excellent choice.

Private transport service offers the ultimate convenience, comfort, and personalized experience. With a private transport service, you can enjoy door-to-door transportation, flexible departure times, and the luxury of traveling in a comfortable vehicle.

Several private transport companies specialize in providing chauffeured services for travel. These companies offer a range of vehicles, from sedans to vans, to accommodate different group sizes and travel preferences.

Private transport companies such as VIP Transport Sdn Bhd allow you to book their service on their website. Always remember to secure your private transport service by booking in advance. Ensure that you provide your travel details, including the departure date, pickup location, etc, to ensure a seamless booking process.

Here are the 4 options that you can use to travel from Singapore to Cameron Highland with ease. As you plan your trip, choose the option that suits you best, and embark on an amazing journey to Cameron Highlands.



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