Top 5 Shopping Malls In Johor Bahru For Shopaholic To Discover

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Being near Singapore, Johor Bahru has always been the most popular destination for Singaporeans. Things are cheaper in Malaysia than in Singapore, and the nearest place to shop will be in Johor Bahru. In recent years, there have been more shopping malls in Johor Bahru.

Visiting shopping malls in Johor Bahru can be exciting, where you can get food, clothes, bags, and entertainment in one place. With so many choices, it can be overwhelming where to go. It really depends on how far you want to go and what you really need.

Whether you are a shopaholic, looking to indulge in some retail therapy, or getting things you need for a better price, you are in the right place. In this article, we will explore the top shopping malls in Johor Bahru that offer diverse shopping experiences, from high-end boutiques to local treasures.


Top Shopping Malls In Johor Bahru #1 – Johor Premium Outlets (JPO)


Shopping Malls In Johor Bahru

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If you are seeking luxury brands at unbeatable prices, Johor Premium Outlet is a place you must visit. Located at Kulai, Johor Premium Outlet is mostly branded shops, and the products are sold at a lower price than other places. This open-air shopping complex has gained a reputation as a shopper’s paradise, offering an extensive collection of upscale fashion and accessories.

One of the features that draws many locals and tourists there is the incredible discounts it offers on renowned international brands. With over 150 stores, visitors can explore the world’s most renowned fashion, lifestyle, and accessory brands. All are available at prices up to 65% off the regular retail price.

After a tiring day at JPO, there are a few restaurants where you can unwind and refuel. You can savor local delicacies or opt for international cuisine at the restaurants scattered throughout the complex.

The strategic location makes it easily accessible for locals and tourists. It is a convenient stop for those exploring the region. The mall provides ample parking facilities, ensuring a hassle-free visit.


Top Shopping Malls In Johor Bahru #2 – Aeon Mall


Shopping Malls In Johor Bahru

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Aeon Mall is one of the best and most popular shopping malls among the locals. It has several branches located around Johor Bahru. The most popular ones will be Aeon Mall Tebrau and Aeon Mall Bukit Indah.

All the branches consist of a department store and supermarket that sells essentially everything. It is a preferred choice for grocery shopping for locals and visitors, where they can conveniently pick up fresh produce, household essentials, and more all in one visit.

A vast selection of stores also cater to all your shopping needs. Whether looking for fashion or electronics, it offers something you need. Stores at each branch may vary, so be sure you are going to the right one to get the brand you want.

If visiting one shopping mall is not enough, consider going to Aeon Mall Tebrau, as IKEA Tebrau and Toppen JB are just nearby. You can visit both malls after visiting Aeon Mall Tebrau.



Top Shopping Malls In Johor Bahru #3 – The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey


Shopping Malls In Johor Bahru

Image Credit: Hype My


You won’t want to miss one of the latest shopping malls in Johor Bahru. Mid Valley Southkey is one of the most popular shopping malls among locals beside Aeon Mall Tebrau. Situated near the EDL highway, it is a short distance from the city center. It is a convenient destination for locals and tourists. They have plenty of parking space for you to park.

They have a three-story Japanese department store, Sogo, as the main attraction. There’s also a supermarket where locals can get their groceries. They have a corner where they sell Sushi. Just outside the supermarket, there will be a pork shop and some eateries where you can get your meal.

There is also an endless list of stores, such as Adidas, H&M, Toys “R” Us, and many others waiting for you to explore. Each floor focuses on different things, which makes it easy for visitors to find their things. But you can find places to eat on almost every floor.

If you are looking for entertainment, don’t miss the cinema. There is an indoor playground, “Kiddytopia,” for kids to release their energy. The endless list of shops will make you spend your whole day in the mall.


Top Shopping Malls In Johor Bahru #4 – Paradigm Mall


Shopping Malls In Johor Bahru

Image Credit: Eat Drink KL


If you are looking for something adventurous but still want to shop, look no further than Paradigm Mall. Paradigm Mall is also considered one of the newest shopping malls in Johor Bahru, which has the largest cinema in the state.

Besides the movie theatre, it has more than 500 outlets of food, fashion, and entertainment in the mall. They do have Village Grocer, a grocery shop, in the mall, and also Parkson, a department store, where you can get the things you need.

Did we say adventurous just now? Yup, you can go ice skating at the Blue Ice-Skating Rink and enjoy the coldness there. If you love rock climbing, visit Camp 5 on the 7th floor. There are other places suitable for kids, too, such as UTopia Jungle World and Junior F1. If you are feeling stressed, why not visit Paradigm Mall to let off some steam?


Top Shopping Malls In Johor Bahru #5 – Sunway Big Box


Shopping Malls In Johor Bahru

Image Credit: Sunway Malls


Opened in 2019, Sunway Big Box is also one of the latest shopping malls in Johor Bahru, located in Iskandar Puteri. Unlike other shopping malls, the design of Sunway Big Box follows an industrial-container-park theme.

Visit NSK to get your groceries. If you are a book lover, you will definitely want to visit Book Xcess, which is one of the biggest bookstores in South Malaysia. It has become a hotspot for book lovers.

If you are a fan of American Ninja Warrior, don’t miss the EnerG X park at Sunway Big Box. You get to climb over obstacle courses. So, why not challenge yourself?

Shopping malls in JB, such as City Square, Plaza Pelangi, and Holiday Plaza, are still around. If you are looking for something new, these shopping malls in Johor Bahru will give you something different.



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