Top 8 Cameron Highlands Attractions To Explore The Nature

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When spending at an attraction with a cooling climate in Malaysia, the first thing that comes to mind will be Genting Highlands. But do you know that Cameron Highlands is also known for its cool climate? There are plenty of Cameron Highlands attractions awaiting you.

This destination also offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, adventurous activities, and a refreshing escape. From Singapore to Cameron Highlands, travel time takes about nearly 8 hours by car to reach; it will be longer if you take the bus. Since traveling to Cameron Highlands takes such a long hour, you will want to spend a longer time there.

No worries about staying there for a few days, as there are many Cameron Highlands attractions that you can visit. This article takes you on a journey through the best places in Cameron Highlands that make this destination a must-visit for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and those looking for a refreshing escape from their daily life.


Cameron Highlands Attractions #1 – Cameron Butterfly Garden

Cameron Highlands Attractions

Image Credit: Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Butterfly Garden is a mesmerizing haven for nature lovers and those who love butterflies. This captivating attraction offers a unique opportunity to witness the enchanting world of butterflies up close. It is located at Kea Farm. You can find it at the main road 3km after Brinchang town.

Cameron Highlands Attractions

Image Credit: Old Route, New Routes

As you step into the garden, prepare to be enchanted by a symphony of fluttering wings, as up to hundreds of butterflies are in the garden. Besides enjoying this beautiful creature flying around you, look out for a small tortoise enclosure where you can check it out. If you are also interested in insects, there are cages full of beetles and bugs.

Cameron Butterfly Garden, one of the oldest Cameron Highlands attractions, it is definitely a place that is worth visiting if you want to connect with nature.

Address: MDCH 3, Batu 43, Green Cow, 39100, Pahang


Cameron Highlands Attractions #2 – Boh Tea Plantation

Cameron Highlands Attractions

Image Credit: Agoda

The Boh Tea Company, established in the 1920s, is one of Malaysia’s oldest and most renowned tea producers. It has garnered a reputation for producing high-quality teas within the breathtaking landscapes of Cameron Highlands.

Grab this opportunity to learn how the plant is grown and harvested. Don’t miss visiting the heart of tea production at the factory, where you witness the intricate machinery and skilled artisans in action as they process the tea leaves, preserving the heritage of time-honored techniques.

Since you are there, how can you miss visiting the tea shop to take some of the signature brews of one of the famous tea brands in Malaysia? But you may have to take note that the Boh Tea Plantation is one of the most popular Cameron Highlands attractions, do expect some crowd there.

Address: Boh Road, Habu, 39000 Ringlet

Another nice place to enjoy tea is the Cameron Valley Tea house KT. It is a nice place to stop by as you travel to Tanah Rata. Don’t miss their masala tea and scones if you visit them. There’s isn’t much visitors there, so take your time to relax and enjoy their tea. Bharat Tea Plantation is another tea plantation you can visit beside Boh Tea Plantation.


Cameron Highlands Attractions #3 – Time Tunnel Museum

Video Credit: Peppa Traveller

Time Tunnel Museum is a unique attraction that takes you on a nostalgic expedition, wearing together the stories, artifacts, and memories that have shaped the region’s past. With its intriguing exhibits and interactive displays, the museum offers a window into the past, giving you to understand the past in a truly immersive way.

The Time Tunnel Museum has traditional displays and interactive exhibits, such as antiques, furniture, and photos. You get to discover the stories that have shaped the highlands into what they are today.

There are also many mock-up photo corners, which are set up according to the scenes in the past, such as a classic optima and traditional barbershop. Capture the moments as you step into the past. If you want to know the culture of the Orang Asli, there’s an exhibition where you get to learn more about them. This Time Tunnel Museum is a place that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Address: 39000 Brinchang, Pahang

Cameron Highlands Attractions #4 – Raju Hill Strawberry Farm

Cameron Highlands Attractions

Image Credit: Wikimapia

Raju Hill Strawberry Farm is also one of the popular Cameron Highlands attractions, which offers you an opportunity to indulge in the joy of picking fresh strawberries while basking in the serenity of the highlands. In case you don’t know, Cameron Highlands is the only place to grow strawberries.

Cameron Highlands Attractions

If your main purpose in Cameron Highlands is the Raju Hill Strawberry Farm, the strawberry season is from May to August. So plan your visit during that time if you want to pick and try them fresh off the farm. You will experience the thrill of strawberry picking and relish the simple joys of life.

You can taste the farm’s delicious strawberry creation after a fruitful picking session, as they have an on-site cafe. You get to taste jams and refreshing drinks make from fresh strawberries. The flavors are a testament to the farm’s dedication to quality.

Address: 129 59, Jalan Tapah, Brinchang, 39000 Brinchang, Pahang


Cameron Highlands Attractions #5 – Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm

Cameron Highlands Attractions

Image Credit: Tiny Tan

If you want to do something different, why not visit Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm? This enchanting farm offers an immersive experience, allowing guests to witness the fascinating lives of bees, learn about the art of beekeeping, and savor the delectable honey they create.

Cameron Highlands Attractions

Image Credit: Got My Backpack

You will see bees buzzing around hibiscus flowers. There’s a small museum inside where you get to understand how are produced. If you want something more adventurous, there’s an indoor maze inside; try to get yourself out of the maze.

It is a great place for families where you get to understand more about bees. There’s also a souvenir shop inside where you can get some honey-related products to try.

Address:  Green Cow, No 75, Batu 43, 39100, Pahang,


Cameron Highlands Attractions #6 – Orang Asli Village

Cameron Highlands Attractions

Image Credit: Cameron Highlands

Visit the Orang Asli Village to connect with the indigenous groups in Cameron Highland and learn about their heritage, traditions, and way of life. You will see the village as you travel up to the Highlands. But there are several Orang Asli villages located in the jungle.

Cameron Highlands Attractions

Image Credit: Cameron Highlands

They survive on the techniques that their ancestors pass down. Suppose you want to understand more about their traditions. There are tours that will bring you into the more remote areas where you can understand more about their tradition, such as using the blowpipe technique to hunt and shifting cultivation.

They have a profound knowledge of the natural world. You can witness their sustainable living methods and appreciate their close connection to the land.

The most authentic one will be located at the east of Tanah Rata. Visiting the far corner ones will need to go through a jungle trail with the assistance of a guide. So be ready for a Cameron adventurous as you find your way through the Cameron Highlands trail.


Cameron Highlands Attractions #7 – Places Flower Lovers

Cameron Highlands Attractions

Image Credit: Puri and Sue

With so many Cameron Highlands attractions to visit, places such as Lavender Garden and Rose Valley is a place to visit for those who love flowers.

Imagine wandering through a fragrant oasis brimming with an array of colors and tranquility. Cameron Lavender Garden stands as an epitome of such serenity, offering an escape into a realm abundant with the aromatic elegance of lavender.

You wouldn’t want to miss the Cameron Lavender Garden as it is the only place you can see Lavender in Malaysia. Another highlight is that you can try out their Lavender ice cream.

Cameron Highlands Attractions

Image Credit: Visit Pahang

Another place for flower lovers is the Rose Valley. You can find 400 over species of rose and other flowers. Enjoy the fragrance of the rose as you walk through.

Cameron Highlands Attractions

Image Credit: Cameron Flora Park

Cameron Highlands flora park is another place you want to add in your list if you enjoy flowers. Opened in 2021, you can find all kinds of beautiful blooms at Cameron flora park.


Cameron Highlands Attractions #8 – Mossy Jungle

Cameron Attractions

Image Credit: Malaysia Truly Asia

As one of the unique Cameron Highlands attractions, Mossy jungle is a hidden gem for those looking for adventures. Located above 2,032 metres above sea levels, mossy jungle is the second highest peak in Cameron Highlands. It also one of the oldest forest in Malaysia.

Covered with layers of moss, this is an unique chance for you to check out different sorts of exotic plants, such as orchids, medicinal plants, and spices in this moistly environment. Do climb up the observation tower if you want to get a great view of the surrounding.


Cameron Highlands Attractions

Image Credit: Adventoro

It is advisable to join a tour, especially if you are a beginner in hiking. An experienced local operator will explained as they bring you through the forest. They will also know which is the best part to visit.



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