Top Brands Debuting In The Exchange TRX, Kuala Lumpur

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There’s a new mall in town, located in the financial district of Tun Razak Exchange aptly named The Exchange TRX. The Exchange is marking its mark in the long list of malls already situated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by being the hosting body of brands that are making their debut in the country.

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Located right beside the second tallest building in Malaysia, The Exchange 106, since its grand opening in November 2023, visitors from all over the country have been swarming to the mall to see what it has to offer. Unlike the conventional malls that you can find all around, The Exchange TRX is a haven filled with excitement and surprises at every turn, featuring upscale fashion and culinary delights from all over the world.

Here are the list of brands that are making their debut in Malaysia through the Mall

Shake Shack

Finally making their debut in Malaysia after making their Southeast Asia debut in Singapore in 2019. Shake Shack is set to open their doors to welcome Malaysians in The Exchange TRX. visitors and travelers get to have a taste of their signature Shackburger, crunch on the famous chicken shack or be delighted with the unique vegetarian option the Shroom burger.

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Needless to say the crinkle-cut fries, milkshake and the heavily indulgent shack attack concrete will be served too Shake Shack is prepared to create and release special Malaysian menu items, meant to cater towards the Malaysian taste buds, thus making it a more enjoyable and unique dining experience for both burger enthusiasts and foodies.

Mil Toast House

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Bread lovers unite! The South Korean brand Mil Toast House is making their way over to The Exchange TRX. The brand is so famous in Korea and Thailand that, according to IQI Global, in South Korea where the brand originates from, people have to wait in line for at least an hour to get a taste of the fluffy goodness.

the way the shop is designed is meant to resemble a traditional Korean house with its wooden decors and colors that matches perfectly with the perfectly steamed bread served and steamed in a bamboo basket making it the perfect spot for a light snack or afternoon tea.


Yet another brand that made their debut in Singapore before coming over to Malaysia, hailing from Shenzhen, China, their Chinese bubble tea brand is making Malaysia home for their second Southeast Asia brand. famous for their Very Grape Cheezo Tea that is the perfect blend of creamy cheese foam, well brewed milk tea with just the perfect amount of sweetness.

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Each carefully crafted drink by Hey Tea is worth the long queue considering the quality and effort put into each drink.

Tipsy Flamingos

From the Singaporean hospitality group Tipsy Collective which launched a franchise of unique and well received establishments in their home country, they have decided to expand their brand over the border with the launch of Tipsy Flamingo in The Exchange TRX.

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With neon lights and lagoon themed designs, along with the Western and Asian fusion food served in the restaurant, is both a sensory and gastronomic experience.


Devised by the Kenny Hills Hospitality Group that is the management behind various food and drinks establishments throughout Kuala Lumpur, Amazonas is an open fire concept restaurant that focuses on serving and showcasing Latin American cuisines through sharing platters and unique cocktails.

Set in the rooftop of the mall, making it the perfect place to have a good time especially after dusk when the party begins with the DJ sets the mood for an evening fiesta set with the KL skyline as the backdrop.


Straight from the land of the rising sun, Japan, the famous Seibu high end department store has begun operations for their first shop situated in The Exchange TRX. Seibu offers an extravagant shopping experience like no other.

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Occupying the most space in TRX, this four story retail paradise is the first in Malaysia to showcase over 700 luxury brands in one location. Seibu has it all from food and your everyday household goods in the ground level, cosmetics and jewelry from major international brands in the first floor, clothing, apparel and sportswear occupies the remaining second and third floor.


The world’s most famous and richest fruit named company is finally here! After waiting for so long, we can finally say the wait is over as Apple is set to open their first store in Malaysia located in The Exchange TRX February 2024 according to The Malay Mail.

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With three Apple stores in Singapore and two in Thailand, Malaysia is set to be the next in line of the company’s Asia-Pacific expansion as the market here contributed to about 130 billion USD which is almost RM600 billion.

 Drunk Elephant

For make up enthusiasts there needs no introduction to Drunk Elephant, hailing from Texas USA. The brand has established itself amongst the industry insiders as a brand that produces products with only biocompatible and sustainable ingredients that have been proven to work and effective on all types of skin.

Trx, The Exchange Trx

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In the past, Drunk Elephant can only be accessed by the Malaysian consumers through cosmetic giant Sephora’s retail stores, but with the brand finally opening its own store in The Exchange TRX, Malaysians can now experience first hand what the brand has got to offer to the customers.

Maison and Cafe Kitsune

A unique mix of France and Japan, Maison Kitsune is a lifestyle brand founded in 2002, a brainchild of Gildas Loaëc, Masaya Kuroki, and the London-based company Åbäke. Having already set up 28 outlets globally, Malaysia is the fourth in southeast Asia after Bangkok, Singapore and Manila.

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The brand is known for its iconic mascot designed after its name Kitsune which means fox in Japanese. Maison Kitsune offers a series of well made and designed apparels, each fashion piece praised for its immaculate design and vivid chic.

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To add on to the uniqueness of the brand and store, if a visitor happens to be famished while browsing through their designer pieces. They can opt for Cafe Kitsune, an extension towards the Kitsune brand. designed and inspired by the Parisian ambiance and cafe scene, visitors get to indulge in a selection of culinary offerings and aromatic coffee.

These are only a few of many offerings that can be found in The Exchange TRX, as there are over 400 shops offering a wide variety of options to the visitors. If you are interested, why not contact us now to make a booking and plan for your upcoming trip?


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