Muar Malaysia Attractions: Uncovering Hidden Places In 1-Day Trip

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Muar Malaysia, a small town in Johor, is one of the most popular spots to visit in Johor. Although it is a small town, there are still plenty of Muar’s attractions that are worth a visit. It takes about a 2.5-hour drive from Singapore to Muar. Start early if you are thinking of spending a full-day trip in Muar.

The town is known for its historical buildings. Besides, you wouldn’t want to miss their food like otak-otak. There are many local delicacies for you to try out if you are a food lover. If you have nothing on the weekend, why not consider a one-day trip to Muar?

If you are a starter and unsure where to go, here are some of attractions in Muar Malaysia that you must visit. Plan your trip according to the places that interest you.


Muar Malaysia Attractions #1 – Muar Mural

Muar Malaysia Attractions

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If you like art, you wouldn’t want to miss the giant murals or street art in Muar. It is considered one of the best in Malaysia. No visit to Muar is complete without taking some selfies with a few murals. As you walk along the street, you will often find tourists striking poses and interacting with the murals to capture some interesting photos. 

Done by Russian artist Julia Volchkova, “The Loving Sisters” is one of the murals you can’t miss in Muar. You will find this black and white mural of two sisters painted on the wall of a 4-storey building which is now the largest mural ever found in Malaysia.

Another mural you won’t want to miss is the “Ferry Pier Mural” hidden in black alleys. It presents the town’s development and definitely brings back some memories of the older generation. Most of the murals in Muar are mostly gigantic and fully occupy the wall of multi-story buildings. It won’t be difficult to spot them.

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Muar Malaysia Attractions #2 – Don Hu Jurassic Garden

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As you enter the park, you get to see 30 life-sized dinosaur sculptures crafted to resemble their ancient counterparts roam freely in naturalistic settings. You can see some species that are well-known to everyone, including the T-Rex. You will want to venture through this park, especially if you have kids.

The Don Hu Jurassic Garden caters to visitors of all ages. Families with children can enjoy a day of fun and learning together. You will learn more about the different species of dinosaurs.

The entrance fee is free and thanks to the owner. If you a fan of Jurassic Park, this is a place you want to go. If you are a dinosaur lover, don’t miss the Dinosaur Encounter at Zoo Melaka. You want to read our article on it.


Muar Malaysia Attractions #3 – Tanjung Emas Park

Muar Malaysia Attractions

Image Credit: Dennis G. Zill

Situated along the Muar River, Tanjung Emas Park offers a scenic view of the river and its surroundings. It is one of the top attractions in Muar, and it is suitable for those who want to be close to nature. It covers an area of 20 acres.

The park’s well-maintained pathways and manicured gardens lead you to the river’s edge, where you can enjoy the refreshing breeze and stunning water views. There will be people fishing around there.

Tanjung Emas Park is a place where you can sweat yourself out. Besides strolling, there’s even a 9-hole golf course at the park houses. Don’t worry about bringing your children; there is a playground for them to enjoy.

Consider experiencing a leisurely 45 minute boat ride along the Muar River providing a unique views the town. The gentle river current and the sights of the park’s greenery make the boat ride a peaceful and memorable experience.

Muar Malaysia Attractions #4 – Grisek Hot Spring

Muar Malaysia Attractions

Image Credit: Mafengwo

A natural hot spring in Grisek is approximately 12km from the Muar town center. It is a popular destination for those seeking a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

There are a few pools there, each catering to different preferences, and the water emerges at a soothing temperature that ranges between 50 to 70 degrees Celsius. If you are bringing your family along, there’s a children’s pool too for your children to enjoy.

The hot spring is surrounded by greenery landscapes, where you can immerse yourself in a natural surround. Be aware that there is always a crowd during the weekend. Go on a weekday if you don’t like the crowds. Grisek is popular because people believe the hot spring can improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and relieve muscle and joint pains.

The place is well-equipped with basic amenities such as changing rooms and restrooms, providing convenient for visitors to dress up after relaxing in the hot spring. The entrance is free, so allow yourself to relax in the hot soothing water after a tiring journey.


Muar Malaysia Attractions #5 – Nan Hai Fei Lai Guan Yin Temple

Muar Malaysia Attractions

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Nan Hai Fei Lai Temple is a serene Buddhist sanctuary that attracts visitors seeking spiritual solace and cultural exploration. It is the oldest temple in Muar, which was built in 1913. The temple is dedicated to the Bodhisattva Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy, Many locals come to offer prayers, meditate, and seek blessings for their families.

Nan Hai Fei Lai Temple warmly welcomes visitors of all backgrounds and beliefs. The temple can be quite packed during the goddess’ multiple birthdays, which include her enlightenment and renunciation dates.

The temple is quite popular among the local. You will see the road side is fully parked and it can be quite hard to find parking if you drive here. Consider calling a Grab or taxi to avoid the traffic.


Muar Malaysia Attractions #6 – Glutton Street

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If you are a food lover, you must visit the glutton street. The place is located along Jalan Haji Abu, between the junction with Jalan Meriam and Jalan Ali. It stretches as long as 100 meters, and is renowned for its diverse array of local delicacies, street food, and traditional dishes

There are nearly two dozen food stalls there. Different stalls open at different times of the day and have different off days. There will be a crowd during weekends.

Satays are one of the foods that you can find there. There are chicken and pork meat satays and even pork intestines. The taste will be sweet, and the texture will be soft. The peanut sauce is also a bit sweet with nuttiness and a mild taste of spices.

There is a fried oyster omelet stall there which is quite famous, don’t miss the freshness of the oyster as you put it into your mouth. One food that you can’t miss in Muar will be the Otak Otak. If you are around there, remember to buy a few to try.

For those looking to cool down in the tropical heat, a few stalls sell traditional herbal tea. Get one cup to relieve the heat and refresh yourself, especially in Malaysia’s humid heat.

The street’s diverse culinary offerings reflect the multicultural identity of Malaysia, showcasing the fusion of flavors and traditions that make the country’s cuisine unique. Drop by and grab some local food to fill your stomach.

Enjoy your one-day trip to Muar Malaysia with all these attractions. There are many more other attractions and food that you must try out. Extend your trip if you think one day isn’t enough.



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