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Full of historical sites where young ones can pick up some fun facts, Melaka is a great travel destination for families. If you are looking for another family-friendly spot, Dinosaur Encounter at Zoo Melaka is the latest attraction where you can plan for your next trip.

You probably have seen these prehistoric creatures at natural history museums, or you may have even remembered watching them in Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movie franchise. Now, you won’t be just seeing them on the television, but seeing over 100 life-sized dinosaur replicas at Dinosaur Encounter.

Dinosaur Encounter is Southeast Asia’s largest interactive dinosaur park and the second location after the National Science Center in Kuala Lumpur. It is said that the cost of development is around RM12 Million. There are definitely many things you can enjoy there. Let’s get to know what kind of experience you can get in Dinosaur Encounter.


Facts About Dinosaur Encounter

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A home for over 100 species of dinosaurs, you get to walk around in a 5-acre forest park at Zoo Melaka. You get to feel like you are stepping into prehistoric times in this modern day. You get to see the life-sized dinosaur, such as triceratops, T-Rex, Velociraptors, and many more. You can also spot dinosaurs such as Brachiosaurus hiding out in the park.

If you have gone to the National Science Center in KL and think you have learned everything through augmented reality and animatronic dinosaurs, Dinosaur Encounter can give you another experience you will never get at National Science Center. This dinosaur theme park is set outdoors, where you can walk through pathways and bridges for an authentic taste of the wild.

With the spacious walkway, you can comfortably explore Dinosaur Encounter, especially for those with strollers. Surrounded by so many species, step into this large forest park and challenge your kid to see how many dinosaurs you can recognize as you discover them along the walkway. You would get to meet up with friendly rangers at the Dinosaur Encounter. It will be a great experience for your family.

Have A Thrilling Adventure At Dinosaur Encounter

Dinosaur Encounter

Image Credit: Dinosaur Encounter

Besides meeting up with over 100 prehistoric animal species, don’t get surprised by their sizes. Some of them can be very tall, so you must crane your neck to admire them. While others’ feet sizes can be a few times bigger than yours. Grab your chance and compare their feet with yours.

You won’t just see different shapes and sizes of dinosaurs; you get to experience the real sound effects of these prehistoric animals. It can be so real that you will want to run away from these massive creatures, just like those people running away in the movies.

Besides seeing dinosaurs, such as T-rex and Brachiosaurus, get to meet up with some other ancient giants at Dinosaur Encounter. These ancient giants living during the Ice age are waiting to introduce themselves to you. These are the closest creatures to your modern animals.

Other Activities Besides Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Encounter

Image Credit: Harian Post

There are performances for you to watch, don’t miss the chance to meet up with Mr. T (T-Rex) and Mr. V (Velociraptor). There are two shows per day. Catch the performance at 11.00AM & 3.30PM on weekdays and 11.00AM & 3.00PM on weekends. There are some instructions for you to follow during the show, so make sure you and your kids follow the instructions the rangers gave. You will have one of the most memorable experiences here.

Remember to visit the Dino store if you want to get something back for a souvenir. Various items are only selling at Dinosaur Encounter. Grab one of the smaller versions of these creatures and bring them back.

You will need a break when visiting such a big area. Grab your meal and take a break at Dino cafe, a place to fill up your energy. Try out the fried chicken and drinks at the cafe and enjoy your meals with your favorite dinosaurs and the view of the dinosaur park.

Your adventurous experience won’t just end during the day. The night view at Dinosaur Encounter is also worth seeing. Watch your favorite dinosaur under the colorful spotlights, and get a different view of the day.

Besides walking around this large forest park, there are some rides that you can enjoy. You can enjoy some thrilling adventures with the dinosaur with a virtual ride and visit the virtual box. Want to get a ride with your favorite dinosaur? There are baby dinosaur rides for your kids to enjoy. If you think you are lucky enough, try the lucky claw machine.


Other Attractions At Zoo Melaka

Dinosaur Encounter

Image Credit: Beritan Hairan

If you haven’t visited Zoo Melaka, there are other attractions you can check out besides the Dinosaur Encounter. The zoo covers a 54-acre area, and walking around can be tiring. You don’t have to worry about getting tired, just grab an unlimited free ride on the tram, and it will take you around.

The zoo surrounding is very green, giving you a feeling of being in a tropical rainforest. Having over 1,200 animals of 200 different species, there is a variety of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. You get to see animals such as tigers, foxes, orangutans, and many more. The ticket you purchase comes with a free feeding coupon. You have a chance to feed the giraffes, rabbits, goats, or elephants.

One of the attractions in the zoo is horse riding, an activity that is suitable for adults and kids. A park ranger will be around to keep you safe as you try out the activity.

One of the highlights of the zoo is the Night Safari. This will be a unique opportunity for you to observe the behavior of nocturnal animals in their natural habitats. You will be driven around in a tram to observe the wildlife.

If you are a fan of Jurassic Park, don’t miss the chance to visit this park filled with dinosaurs. It is a must-visit place if you are in Melaka. Immerse yourself and your family in this Jurassic Park-like experience.



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