Genting Highlands Theme Parks #1 Ultimate Guide: Things You Should Know

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Planning to spend your weekend in Genting Highlands with your family or yourself? You may have heard many people going to Genting Highlands for the casino, but that’s not all about it. Another place for you to spend your time will be the Genting Highland theme parks.

If you aren’t familiar with Genting Highlands theme parks, there are actually two theme parks at Genting Highlands: The indoor theme park Genting Skytropolis and the outdoor theme park Genting Skyworlds. It depends on what rides you are looking for.

There are many rides and activities you can enjoy at the theme parks. It can be overwhelming, especially if you are a first-timer at Genting Highlands theme parks. In this article, you get to know more about the theme park. You definitely will enjoy your day there with all the information.


What To Do At Genting Highlands Theme Parks?

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The two of Malaysia’s best theme parks are Genting Skytropolis and Genting Skyworlds, where you want to go if you love exciting rides. If you prefer an indoor theme park, go for Genting Skytropolis. There are plenty of fun activities there. More than 20 rides and attractions in the theme park for you to enjoy. The attractions are divided into three areas: Thrill, Child, and Family. There are definitely rides that suit your kids or rides that you can enjoy together with your kids. If you have a braver heart, go to the thrilling area for a more thrilling ride.

If you prefer to be outdoors, then enjoy your time at Genting Skyworlds Theme Park, which is Southeast Asia’s most anticipated theme park.. It has nine themed zones which are inspired by your favorite films and adventures., such as Ice Age, Liberty Lane, Studio Plaza, Andromeda Base, Central Park, Unnamed Bison, and Robots Rivet Town. You don’t have to worry that you can’t find rides that suit you, as there are 26 themed rides. Rides include outdoor carousels, immersive 3D experiences, and roller coasters. However, not all rides are suitable for kids; certain rides require kids to be at least 90cm tall.

One ride you can’t miss is the Terraform Tower Challenge. It will be an excitement for those who love to challenge. The ride will stay at the top of the tower for a few minutes and drop-down within seconds.

You don’t have to worry about the weather during your visit. Genting Skyworlds have a Rainy Day Guarantee. If it rains between 11am-2:59pm, you will be offered a free return visit ticked for you to use on your next visit. If it happens between 3pm-4:59pm, you will be given 50% off on your return visit ticket.

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Your day definitely be filled with fun at Genting Highlands theme parks. Genting Skytropolis indoor theme park is conveniently located in First World Plaza. It has various rides that are perfect for little children and rides that you can accompany. You can start with bumper cars or the balloon ride.

Suppose you are looking for spots to take photos. There are a few spots at Genting Skytropolis indoor theme park for you to pose. The nostalgic Royal Carousel and Skyscraper Ferris wheel at Genting Skytropolis is definitely a spot where you can pose for your picture.

At the indoor theme park, you definitely will be thrilled with the view. Take an aerial ride through Skytropolis indoor theme park, and you will see the environment filled with neon under your feet. Besides, you can enjoy a 3D experience at Night At The Museum scene at Genting Skyworld. It will take you on a chaotic ride as you protect the museum exhibits from a loose T-Rex.

A roller coaster ride is something you can’t miss at Genting Skyworld. Your trip isn’t complete without a roller coaster ride. Prepare to scream through the ride at Ice Age: Expedition. Don’t worry about your meals; various food stalls at Genting Skyworlds are waiting for you to check out.

Ensure you download the Genting Skyworlds mobile app before your visit. You can make  VQ (Virtual Queue) reservations for your favorite rides. You get to see park hours, schedules, and accessibility information.

Both Genting Highland theme parks are open daily but have different opening times. The operating hours for Genting Skytropolis are from 2pm to 9pm. Genting Skyworlds opens from 11am to 6pm.

Be sure to wear something comfortable as you will be walking a lot. A comfortable set of clothes and a pair of covered shoes will do. If you are scared of cold, be sure to pack a light jacket, as the weather around Genting Highlands can get pretty cold.

Are any Hotels Nearby Genting Highland Theme Park?

Genting Highlands Theme Parks

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There are plenty of hotels at Genting Highlands. If you want to stay nearby Genting Highlands theme park, consider staying at Genting Skyworlds Hotel or Resorts World Genting. You get to rest early after a fun-filled day at the theme park.

Of course, there are other hotels worth staying at Genting Highland. You can read our article “5 Cool Genting Highland Hotels For You To Enjoy Your Vacation” on hotels you can stay at Genting Highland. They may be slightly further from the Genting Highlands theme parks, but it is still worth considering.


How To Get To Genting Highlands From Singapore?

Genting Highlands Theme Parks

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You definitely can drive yourself up, but some people may find it hard to drive up the steep hill. The alternative way is to take public transport, such as a bus or taxi. But if you prefer more privacy, why not book private transport?

VIP Transport Sdn Bhd definitely will bring you an excellent ride experience. You get to enjoy your journey with ease. You can easily book through our website.


What Else To Do Besides Going To Genting Highlands Theme Parks?

Genting Highlands Theme Parks

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If you plan to stay a few days at Genting Highlands, there are other attractions at Genting Highlands for you. You can expect an incredible selection of retail shops and F&B outlet at Genting Highlands Premium Outlet, where you get the top brands such as Coach, Converse, Guess, and many more.

If you do not want to go shopping, there are some sightseeing spots in town for you to visit. Chin Swee Caves Temple is an attraction you must visit. There are stunning pagodas and beautiful Buddha statues. You can reach there by taking a cable car at Awana Skyway.




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