Farm In The City: #1 Ultimate Guide For A Unique Experience

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As the country gets more developed, the chances of getting close to nature get lesser. People also don’t have many chances to get close to animals, especially for the younger generation. Farm in the City provides a unique experience where you can get close to animals and know more about them.

Farm In The City is situated in Seri Kembangan, Selangor. It is a perfect place for those who love animals. If you are thinking it is another place similar to typical zoos, then you are wrong with it. Farm In The City is more towards a petting zoo, you get to interact with different animals, which you won’t have many chances to do in the zoo. It will be a unique experience for you.

You will discover many things you won’t know about animals and things you may not have done before. If you want to know what you will encounter at Farm In The City, you may want to read on as we will discover the things you can do there.


What To Expect From Farm In The City?


Farm In The City

Image Credit: Live Life Lah


Farm In The City is a perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of life. It is an educational platform suitable for families to visit. They are promoting environmental awareness and sustainable living in this modern era. They also aim to educate visitors to appreciate and protect nature as they visit the farm. It is quite popular among the locals and tourists.

There are over 100 animals at Farm In The City, including exotic and rare species that you may not have the chance to meet elsewhere. At Farm In The City, you get to interact with the animals as they are kept in an open compound in a well-maintained enclosure. When designing the area, they try to mimic the natural habitats of the animals.

There are a few sections in Farm In The City. There’s a huge free-flight bird aviary where you get to see a variety of birds and a pet village where rabbits and guinea pigs stay. Go for a jungle walk to learn more about some unique animals.

Farm In The City is not all about animals. There’s even a vegetable farm and orchard for visitors to visit. They have over 60 tropical fruit trees and exotic plants.


Things You Can’t Miss Doing At Farm In The City

1. Feed The Giant Tortoise


Farm In The City

Image Credit: Sing Yee Hyukkie


The tortoise area is one of the popular areas which you don’t want to miss. As you enter the area, you will see various exotic tortoises and turtles walking around. There are also giant tortoises in the area, which you can’t miss.

You will also have the chance to feed them. They will walk to you if you have food and vegetables in your hand. Feed them and grab the chance to touch them. You can even take a photo with these gentle creatures.


2. Enjoy The Birds Flying Around You


Farm In The City

Image Credit: Biz + Leisure


Another must-visit area in Farm In The City is the Bird Aviary. The moment you step into the area, you will be surrounded by all kinds of species that come in different sizes and colors. You will also have the chance to feed them with your bare hands.


Farm In The City

Image Credit: Weekend Treat


One thing you should take note of is their claws, which may be a bit sharp, especially for bigger birds. You may feel a bit of pain initially, but it should be okay after that. You will enjoy the fun when you feed them.

They have also peacocks in the area. If you are lucky enough, you will get to see them showing off their beautiful tails.


3. Get Close to the Raccoons


Farm In The City

Image Credit: Live Life Lah


How many of you have had the chance to feed or even see a raccoon? So, don’t miss the chance to meet up with the raccoons when you are at Farm In The City. Being the superstars of the farm, many people will visit them when they arrive.

Most of the time, they will be resting on the tree trunks. If you have food with you, leave it on your hand, and they will collect the food from you. Since it is a unique experience, grab the chance to take a selfie with them.



4. Check Out The Snakes And Python


Farm In The City

Image Credit: Sing Yee Hyukkie


If you think you are brave enough, why not visit the reptile carven to get a close-up with the snakes and phyton? It is a haven for those who are reptile lovers. They actually stay in a glass house where you can see them clearly from the outside.

There’s a sideway to walk past if you want to skip this part. But since you are here, why not face your fear and get to know the creatures better?


5. Feed The Dear, Goat, And Cow


Farm In The City

Image Credit: Places Malaysia


There are many animals you can interact with at the Farm In The City. Besides feeding the giant tortoise, you can also feed the deer, goat, and cow. You can even pat them and snap some photos of them.

There’s also a Wallaby in the area where the deer and goat stay. It is a smaller kind of kangaroo. You can check if there’s any litter wallaby inside the pouch if you are there.


Dining Options on the Farm In The City

It can take hours to tour the whole farm, and you will definitely be hungry. But don’t worry about the food as there are various choices to satisfy your hunger. One of the popular choices is The Farm restaurant, which has a creative and delicious menu. There are also homemade desserts and bread to indulge yourself after the meal.

You can also find food stalls and kiosks around the park if you want something casual. They provide snacks and light meals for a quick bite. There’s also an on-site café where you can sit down and enjoy a meal. There are plenty of choices for you to refuel after a tiring day.


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