5 Best Kulai Attractions Waiting For You To Discover

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If you are planning a trip from Singapore to Johor Bahru, one area you shouldn’t miss is Kulai. Located north of Johor Bahru, Kulai is considered one of the smallest districts in Johor. Although it is a small district, there are many Kulai attractions waiting for you to discover.

What makes Kulai charming is its unique culture. Besides, you can find many natural attractions in Kulai, which you will be amazed with. It is a place where nature lovers can immerse themselves in the surroundings. It is also not all about nature, there are shopping malls for those who love shopping and nice food for those who want to get a taste of local foods.

In this article, we will discover the best Kulai attractions, which will make you fall in love with this charming town. You may not be able to finish all the attractions in one day. Consider staying overnight or planning another weekend trip to discover more about the town.


Kulai Attractions #1 – Johor Premium Outlet


Kulai Attractions

Image Credit: Premium Outlet


Johor Premium Outlet (JPO) is definitely a haven for shopaholics. With more than 130 premium stores, there will be something that you need. It is one of the main attractions in Kulai, which is popular among the locals and tourists.

What makes it popular is that you can find different famous brands in this shopping destination. Guess what? You can buy these famous brands at a cheaper price. Compared to the products that you get from the outlets at other shopping malls, the products at Johor Premium Outlet are often out of season.

Although it is out of season, the quality is still good. The discount they offer can reach up to 50% or more. You get to find famous brands such as Adidas, Coach, Converse, Gucci, Guess, Hush Puppies and many more.

There are some restaurant outlets there too. You can grab a quick meal before continuing your shopping. If not, there are benches all around the shopping mall, and it is shaded by palm trees. It is also a good place for you to rest before heading to the next shop.

Address: Jalan Premium Outlets Indahpura, 81000 Kulai, Johor


Kulai Attractions #2 – Star Fish Leisure Farm


Kulai Attractions

Image Credit: Star Leisure Fish Farm


Located in a rural area, Star Fish Leisure Farm is a place where you can stay away from your busy life and enjoy the nature surrounding. At this place, you get to relax your mind. It is also a place where you can experience the kampong lifestyle.

There are plenty of outdoor activities which can occupy your time. You can enjoy activities such as ATV rides, cycling, fishing, pull-floating boats, and many more. You can spend the whole day at this place and enjoy quality time with your friends and family.


Kulai Attractions

Image Credit: Star Leisure Fish Farm


If one day is not enough for you, they do have packages that include accommodation. There are beautiful water chalets for you to enjoy your stay and the fresh air of nature. There’s also a campsite where you can sleep under the starry night. If you haven’t been to

Address: Jalan Sengkang, 81000 Kulai, Johor


Kulai Attractions #3 – Palm Resort Golf And Country Club


Kulai Attractions

Image Credit: Palm Resort Golf And Country Club


Palm Resort Golf and Country Club is a place that golfers must visit. It is one of the best golf clubs in Johor Bahru. This award-winning golf course has three well-maintained courses for golfers to enjoy their game.

The golf courses at Palm Resort are catered to golfers of all skills. It is a place that suits beginners and seasoned pros. The three courses are designed by different people and offer different golfing experiences. The Cempaka course has a challenging layout, while you can admire the lakes and greenery as you play at the Allamanda Course. The Melati course has tree-lined fairways and water hazards, which can also be a challenging game for golfers.


Kulai Attractions

Image Credit: Utusan Malaysia


There’s also a clubhouse in the resort where golfers can relax, have a quick bite, and socialize after their game. It is definitely a place where you can enjoy golfing. No worries if you are coming in from Singapore, it takes about 45 minutes to reach from the causeway.

Address: Jalan Persiaran Golf, Off Jalan Jumbo, 81250 Senai, Johor


Kulai Attractions #4 – Temple Hwa Kuo Shan Sedenak


Kulai Attractions

Image Credit: Fascinating Kulaijaya


Temple Hwo Kuo Shan Sednak is one of the popular Kulai attractions that attracts locals and tourists. Most of them come here to pray for wealth and prosperity. Besides praying to the Chinese gods, you will also find Thai Buddha statues in the temple.

You will also see the 12 Chinese Zodiac and Guanyin on the top of the hill. You can climb up to the top to take a closer look. There’s also a bathing pool, which is believed to be the god-given water. There are also hundreds of monkeys at the temple. Be careful as you walk past them. Try not to get too close as they are wild animals.

If you need some refreshment and snacks, you can head to the coffee shop, which is just beside the temple. It can also be a resting spot before you continue your journey.

Address: Jalan Sedenak, Kampung Baru Sedenak, 81000 Kulai, Johor


Kulai Attractions #5 – Putuo Village


Kulai Attractions

Image Credit: Putuo Village


Located in a lush Bamboo Forest, Putuo Village is a place where you can seek some peace. It is a Buddhist sanctuary where you get to learn about Chinese culture and Buddhism. At the same time, you will also learn to appreciate the beauty of nature.

The main temple is right at the end. As you approach the temple, you will be walking through a huge bamboo forest. One thing that may surprise you will be the Buddha statue hidden behind the bamboo canopies. You will also find hanging nests as you explore the place. There’s also a wishing tree where you can write your wishes on a ribbon and toss it onto the tree.


Kulai Attractions

Image Credit: Dancing With Shadows


Another thing that will catch your eye will be the prayer wheels next to the temple. It is originated from the Tibetan Buddhism. People believe that spinning the prayer wheels clockwise has the same effect as reciting the prayers orally.


Kulai Attractions

Image Credit: Travelfeeds

You can proceed to their dining hall for some simple vegetarian food. The cost depends on how much you want to contribute. Visit their in-house café, Fat Bamboo Café, for some dessert and drinks.

Address: Lot 1488, Jalan Kampung Felda Taib Andak, Off Jalan Kota Tinggi, 81000 Kulai, Johor




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