5 Best Eco Farms In Johor For A City Escape

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In our fast-paced urban lives, you may want to reconnect to nature. Eco farm may be a great option for you to enjoy nature. Singapore may not have the place, but Johor offers a refreshing getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Theme parks, such as Legoland Malaysia, is not the only place you can visit in Johor. There are a few best Eco farms in Johor that you can’t resist going to.

Eco farm provide a perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature. If you think visiting a eco farm can be boring, you are wrong about it. There are plenty of activities for you to enjoy, such as petting animals that roam freely on the land, filling your stomach with seasonal fruits, or immersing yourself in the charms; Eco farms are a place to enjoy yourself in nature . Of course, the activities depend on an individual farm.

For those who enjoy or want to experience farm life, we will present a curated list of the best Eco farms in Johor. We will also be highlighting their unique features and offerings that make them ideal destinations for a rejuvenating city escape. Let’s discover the hidden gem in Johor.


Eco Farms In Johor #1 – UK Farm





Video Credit: SCM Southern Corridor Malaysia

UK Farm is located in Kluang, Johor. It is the largest family-owned sheep and goat farm in Malaysia. There are full of sheep and goats running freely in the field. Over 100 acres of land, the UK farm provides visitors with an unforgettable experience connecting to nature and getting close to animals. They also use modern techniques to rear their animals.

If you want to tour the farm, there’s a mini bus tour where you can view the magnificent scent of living with nature. They also offer an opportunity to get close to these farm animals by offering the baby goat feeding session. You get to feed and cuddle with these baby goats.

Besides, they have a goat milk processing insight provided to visitors. You get to know how goat milk is extracted and processed before it goes into the market. There are other activities for both adults and children, such as horse riding, catching sheep challenge, fruit picking, and many more.

It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to travel from Singapore. You get to find the detail on their website. You can still easily travel there if you don’t have transport. You can book a private car service provided by VIP Transport Sdn Bhd, where you can travel easily.




Eco Farms In Johor #2 – Zenxin Organic Farm




Eco Farms In Johor

Image Credit: Zenxin Organic Park

Zenxin Organic Park, located in Kluang, Johor, is the first Malaysian organic park open to the public. Spanning over 100 acres, Zenxin Organic Farm is a leading producer of organic products for recreational and educational purposes.

You get to join a guided tour, cycle around the farm, stroll in the herb garden, or visit a mushroom house. They also have a pet area where you can cuddle with cute and adorable animals, such as rabbits, chickens, ducks, and parrots.

Their main attraction would be the “Be an organic farmer” program. They educated people on the correct way of organic farming. You can pick fruits from their fruit farm and try them out on the spot. They do sell their organic products and food, so don’t miss the chance to buy some back.



Eco Farms In Johor #3 – Star Fish Leisure Farm



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Located in Kulai, Star Fish Leisure Farm is a fresh fish farm with a great gateway from the bustling city for a quick recharge. It is definitely suitable for families or groups as they offer the most simple kampung life experience.

You can indulge yourself in the peaceful atmosphere of the village during your stay or cycle around the leisure farm. It allows each visitor to enjoy nature’s beauty. There are a few water activities for you to enjoy, such as kayaking, river tubing, and net fishing. You won’t feel disappointed.

If you prefer to stay overnight and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, accommodations range from classic floating chalets to tents and traditional wooden kampung lighthouses. It is facilitated with basic furniture, two decked beds or twin beds, and private bathrooms.

Be ready to experience a natural shower, as hot water is not provided. The bathing water is obtained directly from the mountain and the well in the leisure farm’s village.


Eco Farms In Johor #4 – Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm


Eco Farms In Johor

Image Credit: PPT Outdoor

Located in Pontian, Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm offers an opportunity to get close to the environment and stay away from city life. You will learn more about farming and taking care of animals. It used to be a fruit orchard and was upgraded to an open farm.

Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm features a wide variety of wildlife, local tropical plants and trees. It is definitely suitable for all animal and nature lovers. For those looking for something unique, you can purchase the natural products of the farm, such as chickens, turkeys, and geese.

Visiting this farm is a great way to relax and an opportunity to see the untouched nature around you. This place has a large educational value as many of us, especially youngsters, may have never seen how plants or fruits grow and how wild or domestic animals look. This is an experience which you will never get in the big cities.

So why not visit this farm to increase your knowledge about wildlife and nature in Malaysia? Also, enjoy some family bonding.




Eco Farms In Johor #5 – HS Farm Stay


Eco Farms In Johor

Image Credit: HS Farmstay

HS Farm Stay is located in Muar. You get to have a chance to get close to nature while gaining knowledge about preserving and conserving the environment. There are plenty of fun activities awaiting you there, such as horseback riding, fish spas, cycling, freshwater fish fishing, and many more.

There is also a mini zoo comprising domestic and exotic animals for you to interact with and pet. Feeding sessions are also available; you get to feed them with the food provided by the mini zoo keeper.

If you are bringing your little ones along​ another attraction would be the HS Farm Water Park and Kids Pool. They get to cool off and have fun splashing in the pool. If you are considering staying overnight, 4 types of accommodations with different capacities are available. The accommodation includes an extra large room which can accommodate 8 people, a group room which can accommodate 40 people, a large room which can accommodate 7 people and a medium room which can accommodate 6 people.

Here are the top 5 best Eco farms in Johor. If you are looking for a place to escape the busy city life and enjoy the natural beauty of the farm, why not check out these 5 Eco farms in Johor? Don’t worry about transportation; you can travel easily with VIP Transport Sdn Bhd.



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