5 Fun Activities To Enjoy In 1 Utama Shopping Center Besides Shopping

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1 Utama shopping center is the largest shopping center in Malaysia. Most of us visit a shopping mall is to do shopping or getting their meals. Of course, there is some entertainment to do, such as watching movies in the cinema and play areas for kids. But that’s not all you can do in 1 Utama shopping center.

If you want to beat the heat and enjoy some activities indoors, 1 Utama shopping center is a place you should visit. You will be surprised by the activities you can do in 1 Utama shopping center. With hundreds of shops, they not only offer a shopping experience for you but also various indoor activities that you may not expect.

With all the activities that you can do at 1 Utama shopping center, you can easily spend your whole day in the shopping mall. But what exactly can you do in there? In this article, we will explore some interesting activities you can do in 1 Utama shopping center.


Fun Activities In 1 Utama Shopping Center #1 – Rock Climbing At Camp 5


1 Utama Shopping Center

Image Credit: Camp5 Climbing Gym


Rock climbing can be done outdoors and indoors, and it isn’t easy. But if you prefer indoors or want to try out what it feels like rock climbing, why not visit Camp 5 at 1 Utama shopping center? Camp 5 is Asia’s largest indoor climbing gym, and you will feel the thrill there.

Camp 5 is one of the most popular destinations for indoor rock climbing, and it has its reason for it. The walls go up as high as 24 meters. With the spacious layout and bouldering walls, you will feel the excitement as you climb up.


1 Utama Shopping Center

Image Credit: Selangor Travel


The place is suitable for beginners and experts. Don’t worry if you are a beginner, as there are experienced trainers to guide you through. It is also an activity suitable for all ages, but children under 15 will need to be accompanied by adults.

Are you ready to challenge yourself? You will get a hang of it at Camp 5. It will be a good workout and also a place to spend some quality time with your family. You may even make some new friends here.


Fun Activities In 1 Utama Shopping Center #2 – The Secret Garden


1 Utama Shopping Center

Image Credit: Timeout


If you love nature but are too lazy to go outdoors, why not visit the Secret Garden at 1 Utama Shopping Center? The Secret Garden is one of the most popular attractions in the shopping center. You get to see 500 species of flora in one place.

The garden is considered as one of the largest rooftop gardens in the world as it covers an area of about 30,000 square feet. As you enter the garden, you will be amazed by the different species of plants in front of you.

You will see the place is divided into a few zones. The zone is divided according to the species of plants. The Rainforest Zone and the Victoria Amazonica Zone are some of the attractive zones in the Secret Garden. Artificial ponds and waterfalls can be found in the garden, and it adds some beauty to the Secret Garden.


Video Credit: Explore Malaysia


Fun Activities In 1 Utama Shopping Center #3 – Windlab Indoor Skydiving


1 Utama Shopping Center

Image Credit: Pelago


Skydiving is an extreme sports activity for those who are looking for a thrill. But if you have no chance to experience it or don’t dare to do it, why not try it out at Windlab Indoor Skydiving? They offer you a unique skydiving experience where you can do it indoors in a safe environment.

You will have the chance to experience skydiving similar to outdoors at an altitude of 14,000 feet. The tunnel is all-glass and creates a cushion of air in a 12-foot diameter 32-foot high flight chamber. You will be entering onto a cushion of air. Don’t worry as there will be a qualified instructor accompanying you.

The wind speed is around 250km/h. You can enjoy the thrill of skydiving. If you want, you can easily perform aerobatic maneuvers inside the tunnel. It definitely suits those who want to experience skydiving in a safe environment.


Fun Activities In 1 Utama Shopping Center #4 – Morac Go Kart


1 Utama Shopping Center

Image Credit: Morac Go Kart Track


What’s more exciting than speeding legally at driving at a go-kart track? Situated at the outdoor carpark of 1 Utama Shopping Center, Morac Go Kart has a 420m-long track for you to speed on. They also have a large LED board on the spot to allow you to see real-time race information. You can speed up to 55km/h at Morac Go Kart.

For those who don’t want to take the ride, you can cheer for your friends and family on the viewing deck. You can see them speeding around the track.

There’s no minimum age for driving the go-kart at Morac Go Kart, but kids may be required to sit with a seasoned go-kart rider. There are two choices for the go-kart: single seater and double seater. Although they don’t have a minimum age limit, there’s a minimum height limit. A minimum of 150cm is needed for a single-seater kart and 110cm for a double-seater kart.

If you want something more exciting or are looking for a new experience, try out their Dark Night Race. It is the first outdoor go-kart neon night racing in Malaysia, so there’s no reason you should miss it. So, are you ready for some speed?



Fun Activities In 1 Utama Shopping Center #5 – Flowrider


1 Utama Shopping Center

Image Credit: FlowRider


Want to try out surfing but not sure if it is what you want? Why not take this opportunity to try out surfing at FlowRider at 1 Utama shopping center? It is a surfing simulator venue where you can experience surfing.

At FlowRider, they offer you a hybrid boardsport combining the techniques of wakeboarding, skimboarding, surfing, and snowboarding. You will have a unique surfing experience without going to the sea.


1 Utama Shopping Center

Image Credit: FlowRider


Don’t worry if you are a beginner, as there will be a professional instructor providing you guidance to pick up the skill. The water flowing is 32km/h. The wave-like shape allows you to surf and perform tricks and spins.



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